BERG-Spanntechnik is a system partner of SANDVIK Coromant

Application : These gripper sets allow a substantial reduction in chip-to-chip times in conjunctions with fast tool changers. BERG-Spanntechnik, as a system partner of SANDVIK Coromant, supplies customised tool clamping devices for the Capto™ interface with detenting clamping sets.

Design features Coromant Capto™ clamping sets have 6 collets which are held by an annular spring and perform a tilting movement for changing and removing the tool. The Capto™ clamping system offers an additional detent function which retains the tool securely in the spindle in the release position.

FS kN Clamping force
FB kN Actuation force - hS
FH N Retaining force in release position
hT mm Total stroke
hS mm Clamping stroke
hA mm Ejection stroke
SS Clampinfg position
LS Release position
SW mm Width across flats
MA Nm Tightening torque

Ordering example

Capto™ clamping units are offered as equipment in a complete unit including gripper, power amplifier and spring stack.

Type hT hS FH - N FS max - kN
Capto C4R 3,7 3,0 120 25
Capto C5R 4,5 3,7 160 30
Capto C5R 5,7 4,6 180 40
Capto C8R 7,0 6,3 280 55

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